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Magnetic North Creations is a new company,

providing original stories  for the film and T.V. industry.

Dead Dog Beach ... ( A Black, Comedy Thriller) This is a story of a young couple who marry on holiday but make a pact to break up after ten years, no matter what...


When Maria leaves Ian ten years later, he finds out that he's been played. She is the daughter of a mafia boss who now needs to fulfill her destiny.


Ian and his old rock band decide to pursue and win her back, but they are in way in over their heads...   Treatment and Screenplay available.


The Egg Thief ... ( A Scottish Adventure Story) This a story of a young girl on the western Isles who, with her friend, Pavel, unearths a plot to steal Sea Eagle eggs from the cliff's of Mull. An Arab Prince is determined to get viable eggs back to his homeland, Jenny and Pavel are determined to put the eggs back. Treatment and First part of screenplay available


Eden Seed ... ( A Fantasy Thriller) A young pharmaceutical executive unwittingly discovers one of the most powerful drugs of all time. Far from perfect, he is forced to face up to his failings and is soon drawn into a bloody battle between rival companies and an ancient religious sect called the Seraphim. A bloody scar is torn over Europe and North Africa as Matt Malcolm tries to save his family and unlock the ancient, biblical secret of immortality. Can he find the last remaining source of the EDEN SEED before it's too late?


Sunny ... ( A Mystery Thriller set in the 70's) Can Sunny Wilson solve the mystery of his unlikely survival? Reminiscent of Theresa Breslin's Divided City; the jeopardy of Frank Cottrell Boyce's Millions. Luck seems to be on young Sunny Wilson's side when he survives a major road accident, but was he meant to walk away? Sunny is convinced someone has it in for him, a sense strengthened when an attempt is seemingly made to abduct him from hospital. Once out, Sunny is faced with his town's ongoing sectarian divisions. They boil over when someone attacks a train carrying pupils from a rival school. Sunny knows the culprit's identity, but the risks of revealing it are high. All Sunny's troubles seem to stem back to the crash, so he follows a hunch to try to solve that mystery...and finds his life in peril all over again. Treatment and screenplay available


Windscape ... ( A Scottish Adventure Story) A proposed wind farm on a lonely Scottish island starts a series of events that leads 10 year-old Jenny MacLeod on a dangerous adventure with her friend Pavel. Can she save her father's farm and everything she holds dear, or will the scheming Wildings win the day? A look at the pros and cons of wind farms through a fast-paced children's adventure.


(Great opportunity here to have a very scenic screenplay that will appeal to the American market) Treatment and first part of screenplay available


Parasite ... ( An Action Fantasy Adventure) A pharma company, sick of generics overtaking their investments, turns to a military project that produces a killer parasite designed to be indestructable. When a customer visit goes sour, the CEO's daughter comes in contact with the parasite, which envelops her and escapes. Ex-Commando, turned marketeer, John Seamons, has to use his old training to recover the girl intact before external forces destroy the creature and his career.


(Set in the Highlands of Scotland, this fast paced thriller is full of tension and amazing action)


Talisman ... ( A Young Adult Adventure Story) A story of determination, courage and family. James Peck stands alone on a hillside, staring at a massive, three-toed footprint...and the crushed animal within it. He can't help wondering if there is a link between the print and the recent unexplained disappearance of his father. Within hours James meets Mendel, a wizard from another world - Denthan - who is trapped in a body that is not his own. Soon they do a deal: James will help Mendel back to Denthan before disaster befalls it; in return, Mendel will help James search for his father. But Denthan is a dangerous place, full of hideous beasts and monsters. It is about to be consumed by a battle for supremacy...and survival. If James is to stand any chance of saving Denthan - and his family, he must locate a powerful talisman, except that no-one knows what it looks like. Certainly not James, and not even Mendel.


(Great opportunity here to have a Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings-type screenplay with amazing sets and creatures. Stories withi stories) Treatment and Screenplay for part 1 available


Citadel, Tyrant, Dragon and Phantom are the sequels to Talisman ... ( Young Adult Adventure Stories)  James Peck and his friend Craig Harrison continue to journey through strange worlds on their quest to reunite their families and save their world.


(This is potentially a Game of Thrones type series that will appeal to kids and adults alike. The stories are full of engaging characters and family tensions). 

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